Top 9 Ways to Save Money While Planning Your Wedding

Top 9 Ways to Save Money While Planning Your Wedding


Today, many couples choose to chuck their engagement parties and directly celebrate their big day. However, it is believed that celebrating your engagement with your loved ones helps you in several ways. Your engagement is a great way to celebrate the milestone in your relationship. If you are also pondering whether you should have an engagement party or not, then read this post until the end. Here we are sharing with you top 5 reasons to throw an engagement party.

1. Your engagement party is the reason to acknowledge your relationship

You two have been dating for quite a long time now, and now you feel it’s time to take the whole thing to the next level. Your engagement party is a great way to acknowledge your relationship and take it to the next level. Of course, you may do it without having a party also, but sharing your moments with your loved ones simply doubles the enjoyment. So, why to celebrate alone, celebrate it with the family and create wonderful memories of the day that you will cherish all your life.

2. A great way to break the ice between families

Only you two know each other well! You may have met your respective partner’s family also but it is not enough. Your wedding is not just about you two, it is in fact about two families. And what could be a better way than your engagement to break the ice between both the families. It is a great way for you, your partner, and both the families to get acquainted. Of course, you would never want your extended families to meet at the wedding directly, it would be very awkward for them. Marriages are sensitive things, it is always good to avoid situations that may become awkward later.

3. A great way to break the news to your close friends

Of course, all your friends have been witnessing your relationship for so long now. Probably your best friend was the one who introduced you two. Or maybe it is because of your college group you two came closer. Your close friends have always been waiting for you two to get wed-locked. And now when it is the time – how would they feel if they will know about your engagement from your Facebook post? Not a great idea… Right? So, it’s better to throw an engagement party and celebrate your happiness with your close friends. Your engagement is a wonderful way to break the news to your close friends. Let them be the part of your celebration.

4. A warm-up exercise before your wedding

Those who prefer to have only wedding celebrations and no engagement regret later! Yes, it is true! Most people who have chucked their engagement parties have regretted it later. As they not only miss the fun part of the engagement party, but also they miss to prepare themselves for the big day. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and every couple wants to celebrate it in a grand way. However, wedding planning comes with a lot of stress. As you need to plan several different things for your wedding, from your wedding décor to your wedding vendors, wedding venue to wedding photography, wedding cake to wedding food, etc. Remember, the ones who directly jump in the ring without any prior preparation often fail! This means it is always good to be prepared for the big day and your engagement is a wonderful way to prepare yourself or warm-up before your wedding.

Of course, at your engagement you would require to do arrangements on a very small scale. But the whole thing will give you hands-on experience and you would be half prepared for your wedding planning. Also, you never know you may even get the right vendors for your wedding too. There are chances that the photographer you hired for your engagement gave you pictures beyond expectations. Would you not want to hire this photographer for your wedding too? Especially, when you know that he is the one you are comfortable with and is able to give you what you are looking for in a photographer for your wedding.

5. An opportunity to celebrate and create wonderful memories

Already our lives are stressed out due to many reasons, like our job. Often we look for the reasons to celebrate, what could be a better reason than your engagement to celebrate. Of course, it is one of the biggest moments of your life and you definitely need to celebrate it. You will create wonderful memories of the day that will be cherished by you and the generations to come.

Thanks for reading! I am sure these reasons are convincing enough to help you change your mind. Don’t just ponder anymore, start planning for your engagement and let the world know how happy you are to get the man of your dream! Let all your loved ones be the part of your happiness!

Happy Engagement…. ☺ ☺

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